Thursday, February 19, 2009

Piece for Beer and Keyboard

  1. Spill beer on your keyboard.
  2. Open a text editor.
  3. Clean beer off your keyboard.
  4. Save the text.
Realization, 2/19/09:
yt czzz SWE3 de CDaqdzcdzDSAcx n bvcvcxz vr5 CDSZAZSAsadaSADAAsazzsaASDaasdsZzxczrewazzxA

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unknown Passwords

My friend Byeong Sam sometimes uses his Latin-covered keyboard to type Hangul. I asked if there are any connections between the Latin consonants and the way they are used to form the Korean characters — he said no. Furthermore, there are some passwords that he knows in Korean but are stored using Latin characters. He doesn't really pay attention to what these passwords are, just the gestures that form them.