Wednesday, November 10, 2010


is it just me, or is this kind of exciting?

not exciting because it's a new "gadget",
but because it's different kind of tool.

without the ps3eye,
the eyewriter wouldn't exist in its current form.
what should we make with kinect?
is there anything we couldn't do before?

how long until we tell students
"to detect someone,
first you need to threshold the depth image" or,
"for a full 3d map of a space,
you'll need about 4 kinects in the center of room"

how long until the new posture is "hands forward" instead of "hands up"?
"superman" instead of "surrender"?

how long until we just wave a kinect around,
get a complete 3d map of a space
feed it into our projection mapping toolkit
and start making interesting work
instead of worrying about the mapping?

and finally, what kind of work is inevitable with 3d sensing?
how long until there is a clear 3d interaction aesthetic?
and we say "i've seen this before, i bet they did it with a kinect" ;)