Saturday, February 18, 2006

Three More Alternate Realities

Under illumination, every object echoes its form through reflection. In an unconscious submission to abstraction, we'll call these reflections "the objects themselves".

However, there exist at least three more worlds that imitate the objects themselves. First, there is a world of shadows — anything that is illuminated also obstructs the light (unless, of course, it is immersed). The second world exists in an empathic form as mirrored surfaces. The third exists as a refractive world — lenses. Whereas direct reflection of light requires only an observer, these three alternate worlds demand an intermediary. They are emergent from objects that play with light — revealing truths about their own character and that of their surroundings through distortion.

Some surfaces elborate on multiple realities. Strange Phenomena attempts to capture the mirror and shadow worlds emergent from the same surface. Some lakes at sunset will yield shadows, the mirrored and refractive worlds... but I have yet to run into a surface that elaborates on all four realities. Perhaps some tinted, half-silvered lens covered in dust?

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