Monday, March 06, 2006

Summer Song

At the end of last semester, Princess played the most disturbing show I've ever seen. Yet... they inspire this macabre curiosity that makes it tough to stop listening. Near the end of the show, they belted out their "Summer Song"... I asked Alexis about it (which is where I got the lyrics — I tried to preserve his handwriting, but the emphasis is mine), and he said it was really just a series of rhymes that seemed to flow... The ironic origin takes its meta-commentary and self-reference one step further into the absurd:

spin it and I sing song
from treetops to king kong ping pong
ready set it wet it get it
medics let it pet it debit or credit
a fetish embellish u rellish n perish

Get it Get it going gone
these songs are arms trying to grasp
the world they Built

tilt down with a pound the sound
of clowns' frown abound
night gowns spin round n round
tight would might crown the night
sunlight at sunset jet set
magenta lent a particular bent
to the waves refraction
for a fraction of an instant
and we missed it

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