Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gdynia, Gdańsk and the Franke Factory

Our last full day in Gdynia, it was relatively uneventful. Everyone else spent a little more time seeing the "sights" around the city, and then took a boat to Westerplatte, while grandpa and I stayed behind for the morning. At 10:30, Mr. Iwanowski arrived, very punctually, to take us to the Franke factory. About a dozen years ago, Grandpa helped oversee the creation of the factory, which now manufactures steel products for McDonalds' kitchens, Ikea, Pizza Hut, and plenty other places. There were a few really interesting innovations they were making that helped productivity, I imagine that the people who formalized the sort of Software Design I've read about had some inspiration from these kind of environments.

From the factory, I met up with the rest of the group at an elaborately decorated restaurant with a funny atmosphere. We had lunch, went for some walks around the main street in Gdańsk again, and then headed back to the hotel. I finally got an internet connection tonight, so I can post some entries and finish some emails. Back to Warsaw tomorrow morning, grandpa's staring at me so I better go.

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