Saturday, June 03, 2006

What Our Cats Have Taught Me

My sisters have two cats, Smokey and Bandit. When they were younger, their behavior seemed completely foreign and humorously enlightening. I kept a few short notes to myself, trying to learn from them (late 2004):

If people are holding you back from doing what you know is right, find a way past them. Sure, it could inconvenience them, but you have to stick to what you know. If that screen door is closed, claw away with all you have when no one's looking. If it's creaky, you've found a weak spot: give the door a good headbutt and you're free. If you're lucky, it might take your master a while to notice your emancipation. Once you're free from social constraints, roll around in the dirt and taste sweet victory.

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Jason LaPorte said...

That's beautiful, and wise in many respects. I completely agree with the conclusion, but I think a word of caution is in order: you must make certain that you are right, as there are many cases (especially as children) that when you think you're right, you're not.

And, in the case of cats, it is not right to claw out the door and rool in the dirt. ;)