Thursday, December 28, 2006

Love and Power

If international relations are ever going to change, the people in power will have to act in love. Unfortunately, those who love are not power hungry. And those who are power hungry win out for power over those who aren't. It seems like the only way around this is to put people into power involuntarily.


Joshua Seigler said...

There's a quite thorough discussion of election by lottery as a solution to many of the problems caused by lobbing:
The author explores the implications of such a system in detail.

Lottery isn't the only way to put someone into power involuntarily, but it's the first that comes to mind.

Kyle said...

Thanks for the great link. He seems a bit cynical initially, but seeing his background I can understand.

One of his best points is under the "Some details" section — about keeping congress members elected who show signs of involvement. There's a great spirit behind this: any vote-based system (whether within congress or across the nation) should favor involvement. Imagine if the presidential election favored the votes of those involved in their own communities?

It's worth noting that this all assumes some form of government must be present. Maybe we've got it backwards and governments aren't the best "regulatory national utility maximizers". Maybe some form of anarchy is in order.