Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Jan de Weille transcodes the computer screen as audio with her application soundmaps. It offers various modes, two more objective, three subjective, and one unidentified:

  1. Kritsj bitmap data is transcoded directly as audio
  2. Kratsj bitmap data is transcoded from frequency to time domain, and then directly as audio
  3. "MIDI Instrumentalisation using harps and banjos in dodecatonic scale. (6 instruments)", an indirect transcoding
  4. "Classic 1 A blues chord progression is imposed to pianos and a bass. (6 instruments)"
  5. Classic 2 heptatonic waltz.
  6. "Almost nix Does not do too much."

Leonel Cunha has done some excellent explorations into this medium, presenting the visuals and audio simultaneously.

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leonel cunha said...

Yes,soundmaps is a great application :) Thanks for the post.