Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am Sitting in an Automatic Translator

Alvin Lucier's best known work fed to the engines at Free Translation and Google about 6 times back and forth from Simplified Chinese:

I sat in a room different from the one you are now. I recorded my voice of opinion and speech, I will be back to repeat any room drama until the clock speed of a room, I echo the rhythm of speech and perhaps their own similar exception, were defeated. You will hear, then clearly from the echo of his speech is the frequency room is a natural gift. I do not like such a vulnerable to him, have once again demonstrated the fact that natural things, but take off any more of my freedom of speech might have.

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Caitlin said...

Playing the same game, but going back and forth between English, German, and Russian:

"I sit in a different room of, am it in now. I register a sound of the mine as a conversation, explains it, and I become supports it in a room again and again play while frequency does not reverberate of its room, that destroyed is the same in a manner, that strengthens without regard to resemblance of my language with possible exception of a rhythm,. That it will hear it, then it - natural frequency, reverberates of a room, that is formulated clearly by language. I do not consider this activity therewith much as a demonstration of the physical fact, but it is to be smoothed more than a manner unnoticed as a failure, that could have my language."