Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Connected Everything

Here are some things I'm going to be covering in my thesis.


Jason LaPorte said...

I appreciate the summary, a few of those (such as allRGB) I havn't seen before.

Can I get a copy of the thesis when you've attained a degree? :)

Kyle said...

Great! Yeah, I figured allRGB would be right up your alley, it's a good problem/solution pair.

Also, if you liked "No Noise" I made my own variant last night.

I'd be glad to share my thesis once it's done :) Maybe even before, and I could get some criticism?

Jason LaPorte said...

It sounds like a fair trade to me. :)

Man, No Noise feels like KidPix to me. Did you ever use that program? (For some reason, I feel as if the black and white pixels should cluster together when I move the mouse, even though I know it will never be..)

Kyle said...

Yes, I did use KidPix! Shortly after using Paint for the first time I think. Then a few years later I saw Kai's Power Goo and it blew my mind.

I'm not sure what you mean by "cluster", but if you run the sketch with wait = 0, you get a kind of smudge-tool effect.

Jason LaPorte said...

By clustering, I mean that I feel that, on average, white pixels should cling to other white pixels, while black pixels do similarly, so, given infinite time, you'll have the screen divided in half, one side being white, and the other being black.

I know that the algorithm doesn't do this, but for some reason, I expect that behavior. :)

tom said...

Hi Kyle.

I think many of us would love to read your thesis... even before it's done.

Do let us know (perhaps posting it here) if there is a draft or something to read.


Kyle said...

Hi Tom, my thesis is available on Google Code along with some excerpts from the composition. I'd be glad to hear your thoughts!