Thursday, February 11, 2010

Projection Mapping with a 3D Projector

Projection mapping is the art of working with non planar projection surfaces.

APPARATI EFFIMERI Tetragram for Enlargment from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.

I'd like to explore this idea with a 3D projector. Normally, 3D projection happens on a plane, which allows for a rectilinear 3D space. If you project onto anything but a plane, the 3D space will be distorted. But if you account for these distortions in advance (for example, with a 3D scan of the scene to be projected on) then you can augment the scene with an overlaid 3D form.

While installations like the video above rely on the observer's large focal distance and visual tricks (like drop shadows) for implying a depth offset, with a 3D projector and shutter glasses you can create genuine depth offsets.


Sartono Sungkono said...

how can I learn about 3D projection into building ? and what kind of projector I need. Thank You

Kyle said...

A great resource for projection mapping related projects is Create Digital Motion. If you browse through that site and look at the projection mapping related projects, you'll also see descriptions of what hardware and software people have used.

I would recommend the brightest projector possible. DLP projectors with fast color wheels are a good option.

foly said...

can i ask you what kind of project i can using it for small budding like 2 flower and form ware i can get it ,